7 Tattoo Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

For tattoo enthusiasts worldwide, Pacific Ink Expo debuted in Maui, Hawaii earlier in April. Tattoo artists and royalty from around the Pacific such as tattoo artists Sydney has today attended among tens of thousands of people. The three-day expo focused on the rare, traditional Polynesian tattoos as well as celebrated with amazing food and music.

The following article lists a few traditional tattoos for both the novice and the super-inked. They will never go out of style and are practiced by experienced tattoo artists all across the world such as your local tattoo artists Sydney based.

Classic American

The classic American tattoos consist of easy to decipher geometric designs, mostly donned by men and even for the times, the women, in the army and navy during the World Wars. The designs that experienced designers learned before getting into intricate styles were hearts, skulls, daggers, nautical themes like anchors, roses, eagles and pin-up women. These were a rage a hundred years ago. You can try any of these by asking any of the tattoo artists Sydney market has today to make them on you.


Considered a fine art skill, realistic tattoos portray images exactly or close to what they would look like to the naked eye. Local tattoo artists in Sydney can also tell you that when done well, realistic tattoos look like photographs or portraits on skin. Realistic tattoos should be made by experienced people such as professional Sydney tattoo artists. These are also considered one of the most expensive styles because of the time, effort and skill that go into this particular design.


Tribal tattoos are considered the oldest form of tattoo styles. More often than not, your tattoo artists Sydney based will ink your tribal tattoo in black. Most countries have their own tribal tattoo styles, portraying the region’s culture and aesthetics. Tribal tattoos never go out of style and are considered marks of a warrior. You can hire tattoo artists Sydney market has today or from your own locality who will carefully design a tribal tattoo that will complement the part of your body you want to the design to be inked on.

Nu Skool

Another way to say ‘New School’, you can ask your tattoo artist to flex their creative muscle with this colourful, exaggerated cartoon style of tattoo designing. The bubble-like designs never seem to go out of style, getting more popular with current times with themes such as pop culture icons and animals.


Dating back to 10,000 BC, Japanese tattoos are still considered sacred art. Usually covering large areas of the back, torso, buttocks and arms, this style follows a stringent set of stylized rules adhering to ancient traditions. Designs include bold coloured flowers, koi fish, dragons, cherry blossoms, war dogs and geishas for luck.

Dot Work & Geometric Patterns

Dot work consists of beautiful designs made with tiny dots instead of shading, while geometric patterns are mostly odes to cubism and MC Escher’s artwork. Often made in black, they can have a 3D effect on the naked eye.


Whether you have plenty of tattoos or are considering getting one, tattoos are a world of self discovery. Tattoos are more acceptable now than ever and depending on each individual’s comfort level, you can get tattooed just about anywhere on your body. You can make an appointment with your local tattoo parlour or visit sites such as http://sydneytattoo.com.au/ for your next ink work of art.

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