Compare Dash-Mounted Navigation Systems with Smartphone-Generated Solutions

Car navigation systems can be either dash-mounted or Smartphone generated. While the solution you take for your car comes down to individual preference, it is important to know the differences between these gadgets, which include laser jammers Marietta Georgia companies have for customers.

With the popularity of smart phones, some people argue that dash mounted navigation systems for cars will soon be a thing of the past. This is because many people have diverted to Google and Apple maps integrated in their smart phones to perform the responsibility of dash-mounted navigation devices.

However, whether you are looking for the best laser jammers Marietta Georgia companies sell, or other car navigation devices such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi install and car stereo systems, there are distinctive advantages of considering dash-mounted systems.

The best thing to do before you install a dash-mounted system is to look for a reliable company for car navigation systems to give you the best product that suits your requirements. Getting enough product information is another way of informing your decision on which gadget is best for your car.

Here are some advantages of dash-mounted navigation systems for cars.

Constant charge: unlike smart phones that may run out of power when you misplace or forget the power cord, dash-mounted gadgets are always on power, making them ideal for continuous, uninterrupted supply of information.

Free use of your phone: when you engage your phone in car navigation, a number of activities become inaccessible. For example, you may not be able to pull out your contact list, use the camera to capture spontaneous images, or even access your phone’s music playlist. However, with a dash-mounted navigation system, it is possible to do all that while navigation part remains covered.

Relevancy: in some cases, Google maps may not show miles to go or time remaining to cover the remaining distance, which puts you in the dark with reference to the speed you should be using as well as your deadlines. Some customers who have used Apple maps also say that the system alerts drivers way too early about exit points and remind them only when they are just about to reach it, which is inconveniencing for many drivers. With dash-mounted gadgets, you get information in real time without such hitches.

Camera compatibility: some dash-mounted systems work together with the back-up camera to give drivers a clear presentation of the road. You are able to see what is behind you with large and clear traffic, which improves your navigation even in the most complicated exits.

Blue-tooth compatibility: if your car is not blue-tooth enabled, don’t worry if you invest in a dash-mounted navigation system. With such devices, you can sync the navigation to your device and the Bluetooth car stereo Marietta companies sell. You can do hands free talking while you maintain focus on the road. In some cases, the system contains automatic response to incoming texts to alert your callers that you are still driving. To get the best out of this feature, it is advisable to engage a reliable company that offers the best rated Bluetooth navigation stereo Marietta market provides.

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