How a Good School can Bring Difference to Your Child’s Life

If you want to provide superior quality education to your child, then you can find a private school in Melbourne with world class learning opportunities and contemporary learning programs. These schools have a rich tradition of academic excellence, and students are taught to offer their help and services to all those who need it. They are encouraged to live a life in service of others and special attention is given to the development of their character.


private school in Melbourne


Characteristics of a reputed school:

There are many private schools in Melbourne, and you should take a close look at the features of different schools in order to know which one safeguards the holistic welfare of your child. A guide to the characteristics of good, responsive schools can help you to choose from different schools.

#Behaviour of the non-teaching staff: This may seem to be an odd first choice but remember the first set of people who greet you as you enter a school are the office staff. Their behaviour sets the first impression about the whole school. If the office is inviting the parents and children, then it means that they value customer service. Unfortunately, if people in the office are rude and unhelpful, then the whole reputation of the school becomes a question mark. You must be aware of the schools where the staff is uncouth. As a parent, you can probably expect that the staff with cold attitude will not give any help and support that you may need throughout the year.

#Behaviour of the principal: Just as the staff in the office, you may also probably meet the principal of the school before you admit your child there. The attitude of the principal is extremely significant for the whole school. If you go to the best schools in Melbourne, you can find the principal there to be very broad minded and encouraging.

#Association of new and veteran teachers: A novice teacher comes to the school with a lot of vitality and energy because he or she believes that they can bring about a difference in the society. However, they often need to learn a lot about classroom management and working of the school. On the other hand, veteran teachers have a lot of experience and understanding of how to handle different students and bring the best within them. But sometimes these old teachers are not well aware of modern methods of teaching and other innovations. Therefore, the private school in Melbourne must have a mix of young and old teaching faculties. See more Ivanhoe Grammar School

# Student centred core values: The principal must have a system of core values, which is shared with each and every staff member. To achieve this, the principal must involve the teachers. When everyone is involved in a particular belief, then it results in the student centred view of academics.

# involvement of parents: Many schools do not give appropriate importance to parental involvement in the education of their child. However, the more you are involved in your child’s education and academic performance, the better will be the fulfillment of a student’s education. Every Melbourne private school does stress on parental involvement for both positive and negative reasons.

Besides all these important issues, the best Melbourne private school should have other qualities too. The school must be set amidst the lap of nature, and the students should be taught in English. They should be encouraged to participate in exhibitions, talent shows, competitions and other activities that build up the overall character of the child. Most importantly, the school should have sick room, hygienic bathrooms and water filters on every floor.

For more information on any of the private school in Melbourne, you can visit their website.

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