Improving your Self Storage Business – Keep These in Mind

The business of renting rooms, lockers, containers and outdoor space to clients is known as a self storage business. In the late 1960s, the self storage business pioneers began the true development of this industry. According to annual industry rates, the supply of self storage has increased by more than 5% to approximately 37.6million square units. However, there have also been set backs. Self storage business shows a negative outlook because typically a lot of self storage units have unattractive chainlinks, states Karen Boungler on Observer news. This means businessmen have to take certain measures to improve their self storage business as a whole and below are simple ideas on how to improve your self storage Perth business.


Firstly, like any other business, making profit is important when running a business of self storage Perth WA wide. You will need to figure out other ways of making revenue through your business. In this case, marketing is very important. You can do it yourself or hire a professional and with this technological age ensure you have a website like This will help you to advertise your business and present to the public any special offers available for them. In addition update your prices every few years and encourage your staff to know the products and services your self storage Perth wide offers well in order to convince the customer.

Cash flow

This is a very important factor in the effective running of a business of self storage in Perth WA. You will need to improve your cash flow from the previous year. Look back at the cash flow trends and note the fast and slow seasons. You will need to plan ahead for the slow seasons by saving for them. In addition, have a prompt system for collecting payments from clients. This is crucial because when payments are inconsistent, there will be a strain in the cash flow of your business. If your payment system is not efficient take the time to modify it and implement it to ensure success. Another very important aspect is your current debt. Consider how in debt you are and consult a banker specialized in self storage lending who will advise you on what action to take with regards to your current debt in order to improve your cash flow. Visit us at Perth Metro Storage


Generally, as mentioned in the first paragraph, self storage units Perth firms offer are known to have not so good an appearance. It is time to change this norm. You can have an aesthetically presentable self storage Perth unit that is functional. Therefore, you need to gear up and make those improvements you have always had in mind. Improve the walls, furniture and add new carpets here and there for the interior to keep it looking fresh. Further, times are changing and to have a successful business there are trends to keep up with. Renovating the full building, security systems and adding new equipment to give the self storage Perth business a modern feel are a must.

With the right plans and goals for the future, your business is definitely on the right path. For more information, visit us at

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