The Marvel of the Australian Condor Trucks

The Condor trucks are some of the top performing Japanese trucks in Australia. They feature plenty of technological advancements such as the low cab designs that make them a top performer in many rugged applications in diverse environments. In Australia, the trucks are currently being imported by UD Trucks which assures you the buyer of impeccable quality and professionalism when you purchase the Condor trucks for your needs.

japanese trucks

japanese trucks

The truck has been carefully designed for optimal operation in order to make your job a little easier. It is a design philosophy that stretches into every part of the Condor truck. The front suspensions are quite substantial and it has a 1116 square inch radiator that will offer you an easy access to the back of the cab. Additionally, the Japanese truck is kitted with various driver-friendly appointments that make it easy and safe to use.

The Condor Trucks Offer You Extra Comfort and Control

One of the defining features of the Condor trucks is the incredible comfort that it offers drivers. This is mainly due to the design of the cab environment which is built to ensure that drivers have extra comfort as well as control when maneuvering the trucks. It also ensures that you will have top notch performance during the long stop and start hours on your routes.

The trucks are particularly dependable and quite reliable for application in Australia’s rough conditions that can rapidly wear out a truck. These Japanese trucks are quite strong and built to go the distance in delivering the best performance for your freight business and applications.

One of the main advantages of these Japanese trucks in the Australian market is the heavy duty range of trucks that it offers. The heavy duty Condor trucks in the 350hp class are still the top selling trucks in Australia, a testament to their enduring quality and reliability in performance.

But the company also offers other Condor truck models that many are proving quite popular with many Australian buyers. These include the MK and PK range of the Condor trucks. These are heavy duty trucks with a gross vehicle mass that varies between 11,000kg and 16,500kg. The trucks are also built with the advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR technology that will result in the greater reduction of the vehicle emissions.

In the PK range of the trucks, customers can look forward to the Allison 5-speed automatic transmissions although it is also possible to opt into the six speed automatic transmissions available through a manual gearbox. UD Trucks is also offering its customers a manual 9-speed by the Eaton ES11109.

Apart from the emissions reductions, the Condor trucks are also fairly safe. The PK cabs have passed through the toughest of the crash testing standards. In order to reduce injuries and damages during the accidents, these trucks are also built with a FUPs or the Front Under-run Protection System. These are crucial in reducing those injuries that occur during the frontal collisions. The PK range also comes with the SRS airbags for additional protection.

You can look forward to more goodies in both the MK and PK truck ranges including additional legroom, greater storage space, a new dash layout and in-truck entertainment systems amongst others.

Whether you are looking for small Japanese trucks or a large Japanese truck, you can rely on the experience and dependability of UD trucks to deliver for you the best products that will surpass your expectations. To know more about us, visit

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